Debugging an Inteference Problem on My uBitx v6

I got my uBitx v6 recently from hfsignals and hooked it up to a 20m/40m trapped dipole from Pacific Antenna, mounted about 30 ft off the ground as an inverted vee.

So far I've made no contacts and been able to hear only one half of an SSB conversation that sounded like it was coming from somewhere near me in Virginia. I've been able to hear some digital modes and very small bursts (a couple of letters) of CW on occasion.

Unfortunately everywhere I tune on my radio sounds like intense static garbage - a problem I'm assuming for now is QRM that can be removed. In other words, I don't think it's coming from inside the radio. (I have a couple of reasons for this - mainly that when I unplug the antenna or put a large resistive load on the antenna connector, the static is gone.)


Possible causes

Video of interference

Below is a video with audio of the interference. I switch across the bands to show that the interference is extremely wide banded.


Interesting detail

If I connect an alligator clip from a 160 foot piece of RG8X cable I have lying in a coil nearby, the static gets much more intense. Not sure if this could be a clue to what the problem is, but if so, I have no idea how.

How I Fixed It

I didn't yet, but I did figure out what was causing the problem. I realized that the last step to rule out my own house's devices from the list of possible causes was to run the ubitx on battery power with all my home power turned off. I didn't have a 12V battery or battery pack, so I wired one up using 8 alkaline AA batteries I had lying around, and voila - no static whatsoever. Interestingly after play with the radio for a while, I did notice that the cheap LED grow lights I use for my tomatoes and peppers create strong interference, but they're close to the radio and easy to turn off temporarily.

After eliminating the RFI, I immediately heard the Russian station R2OA coming through on 14.203 MHz SSB during the Russian DX contest.

Of course, some AAs from the store are going to last less than an hour. My long-term solution to the switching power supply issue is to buy one made for radio use, like this one by MFJ.